Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant Spend Plan

We are excited for the opportunity with the state of Indiana to be able to invest in our DSP workforce by raising wages by using the Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant. Below is a summary of our plan.

  1. Hourly Wage Increase: As a part of our long-term strategy, we will be increasing hourly wages. All current Direct Service Workers are being given a $1.50/hour raise effective 1/1/2023. Additionally, our new hire rate will increase by $1.50/hour starting 1/1/2023 as well. The hourly wage increase will be issued based on hours worked starting 1/1/2023 and will first be paid out on the 1/20/2023 payroll.
  2. Our first goal is to utilize the grant funds for increasing hourly wages by that $1.50/hour, and the second goal depending on the grant amount given, the remaining funds will be utilized for Overtime pay, and Shift Differentials/Bonuses for difficult to cover shifts.
  3. If there is 5% remaining after the above 2 options are exhausted, we will use that 5% for payroll expenses.

In order to get this funding directly to the Direct Service Workers as quickly as possible, we intend to utilize the grant money allotted in that quarter within 3 months and will use all funding by 12/31/2023. Please reach out to Liz Gonzales at 219-972-8172 or Liz_Gonzales@respitecareservices.org if you have any questions regarding the plan.

We hire Direct Support Professionals who are interested in a commitment to fully assisting the consumer in reaching their potential.

Employees must be at least 18 years old, have their own transportation, be committed to enriching the lives of people with developmental disabilities, previous experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities preferred.

Respite Care Services, Inc. provides services in all of Lake and Porter County. Shifts vary and mainly consist of evening and weekend hours. Potential applicants must be willing to accommodate this type of schedule.

If you are trying to decide if being a Direct Support Professional (DSP) is the right career choice for you, please watch this realistic job preview at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDJqZbLzP24

If you are interested in being considered for employment as a Direct Support Professional, please fill out the information below, and you may be contacted regarding employment if there is a job opening.


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